SuperClean Laundromat Locations

Ashlan & Marks

On the SW corner of Ashlan and Marks

Address: 3063 W Ashlan Ave, Fresno, CA 93722

Phone: 559-287-2452


Blackstone & Clinton

On the SE corner of Blackstone and Clinton

Address: 2320 N. Blackstone

Phone: 559-287-2452

Barstow & First

In the Headliner Shopping center on the SW corner of Barstow and First.  Near Planet Fitness and Triangle Burger

Address: 777 E. Barstow

Phone: 559-287-2452

Olive & Chestnut

NE corner of Chestnut and Olive.  In the shopping center with Community Market and Family Dollar.

Address: 4807 E. Olive

Phone: 559-287-2452

Cedar & Dakota

Next door to the Vallarta Market In the shopping center on the NE corner of Cedar and Dakota.

Address: 3860 N. Cedar, Suite 105

Phone: 559-287-2452

Kings Canyon & Clovis

NE corner of Kings Canyon and Clovis.  Next to FoodMaxx.

Address: 5669 E. Kings Canyon

Phone: 559-287-2452

Fresno Street & Clinton

SE corner of Fresno Street and Clinton, behind the gas station.

Address: 2332 N. Fresno Street

Phone: 559-287-2452

Cleveland & Country Club Drive

Country Club shopping center at the intersection of Cleveland and Country Club Drive. Next door to SaveMart

Address: 1149 Country Club Drive

Phone: 559-287-2452

4th and D Street

4th  and D Street. Currently branded “Madera Wash Depot”

Address: 120 E. 4th Street

Phone: 559-287-2452

Robertson & Myer

Countrywood Shopping Center on West of town.  Near Corsaro’s Pizza.

Address: 1714 Robertson Blvd

Phone: 559-287-2452

Shaw & Villa

Northeast Corner of Shaw and Villa.

Address: 195 W Shaw Ave #103 Clovis, CA 93612

Phone: 559-287-2452