Stain Removal Tips

Take Immediate Action! When a clothing item gets stained from food or a spill clean the stain right away. Waiting allows the stain to settle into the cloth, and you might not be able to clean it later. This is especially true with greasy foods and colored drinks. OXY clean is becoming extremely popular right now and is recommended to use on all different stains. Try it! I think you will find good results.
Presoak item in strain removal product like SHOUT or Spray & Wash. Be sure to surround the stain with the stain removal so as not to leave a ring.  Let it soak about 10 minutes. If you soak it too long it can discolor the fabric. Wash using the hottest water temperature that is safe for the fabric.
Start by immediately soaking the item in cold water. This will help lift the stain. Then use pre-spot removal and then wash in the hot water. If your garment is colored, it is important to stay away from bleach products because it will discolor the fabric. Alternatively, if your garment is white, you can use the pre-spot product and then during the wash cycle add bleach to help remove the stain–but use bleach on whites only.
Presoak item in liquid detergent with bleach.  Wash using the hottest water temperature that is safe for the fabric.
Dampen stain and rub with liquid detergent.  Rinse, then wash.
Rinse fresh blood stains in cold running water and rub with laundry detergent.  Repeat.  For dried blood stains, first scrape or rub off as much dried blood as possible.  Soak in warm water using a product which contains enzymes.  Wash.  If this does not work, rewash the item using a chlorine-free bleach.  In the case of stubborn stains, rust removers may be helpful.
Brush off as much mud or dirt as possible when garment is dry, then rinse under cold running water. Pre-treat stains with liquid detergent or a pre-spot product. Wash as directed and add a fabric-safe bleach like OXY clean.